Images are cool, videos are cooler

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Important stat on B2B marketing, positive ROI etc, on-point message about content, something on branding…done. CS: Nice snippet, very informative TB: Cheers, shall we begin? CS: Why not. Why are you taller than me in the picture by the way? TB: Because I am taller CS: Not by that much. TB: They don’t know that. […]

Smart Ideas for Engineering our Advanced Future

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By 2100 it’s expected that 84% of the 11 billion people living on the planet will be living in cities. Because of this our cities are getting warmer, more crowded and are consuming more resources. However, smart ideas that utilise the latest in technology and advanced materials are helping to find solutions that address these challenges to make the cities we live in cleaner, safer and healthier places for everyone.

Visual Communication: In the Blink of an Eye

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The Importance History Places On Visual Communication The origins of the expression ‘a picture paints a thousands words’ can be traced back centuries and is an early indication as to the importance placed on visual communication throughout the ages. This can be seen in art and literature where it took a variety of forms that later […]

Building circular economies for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment

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Harnessing the power of collaboration to enable circular economies  With more than half the world’s population expected to be living in cities by 2050 and 80% of global resources consumed within that same space, the need to design environmentally efficient cities that utilise the latest in technology, materials and talent is essential. To allow for this […]