Important stat on B2B marketing, positive ROI etc, on-point message about content, something on branding…done.

CS: Nice snippet, very informative

TB: Cheers, shall we begin?

CS: Why not. Why are you taller than me in the picture by the way?

TB: Because I am taller

CS: Not by that much.

TB: They don’t know that. Anyway,  do you want to introduce us to the reader.  

CS: Hello.

TB: Is that it?

CS: What else do you want me to say?

TB: You could ask how they are, if they’re having a day, something like that

CS: Having a day, do you mean having a nice day…anyway what’s the point…it’s not like they can reply is it.

TB: True. Shall I just…

CS: I think you’d better.

TB: Shouldn’t we be doing a video on this actually.

CS: We’re doing that as well. What do you think I’ve been working on all morning?

TB: OK, anyway, when we first started this company we’d already seen the benefits of creating great looking videos and images –  

CS: Nice…very on point, drop in the video of the bridge coming out of the graph paper next.

bring your ideas to life

bring your ideas to life

TB: Yes, I was going to

CS: Really?…

TB: – to help communicate technical ideas. Working for a manufacturing company with engineering expertise in materials and light-weighting we would often get presented with projects that sounded good on paper – to the engineers anyway – but that made no sense at all to the rest of us

CS: You mean you.

TB: Yes fine me. Are you a qualified engineer by the way?

CS: Never said I was.

TB: So you’re not then?

CS: Not by law.

TB: As I was saying, videos…images…big tick in the box. That being said there’s still resistance to using video in the advanced engineering community to explain their smart ideas. Part of this is, of course…that marketing is Pink and Fluffy.

CS: Absolutely, like a stuffed pig.

Marketing is pink and fluffy

Marketing is pink and fluffy

CS: That’s an elephant…

TB: Same difference.

CS: Anyway, I need to bring up something very important at this point.Something that doesn’t get spoken about in anywhere near enough detail at any level of an engineering firm.

TB: It’s not your ‘how we can all oscillate at a universal frequency and move through walls thing is it’?

CS: No I wasn’t going to say that, although it’s true, of course it is, anyone with half a brain would know that’s true. No actually I was going to talk about data-sheet.

TB: Excellent, your favourite subject. 

CS: Yes I love them, nothing like a load of numbers on a piece of paper to get people excited about a great new idea.

TB: You know any engineers reading this will be grinding their teeth right about now.

CS: I know but it’s true. Data-sheets and reports are important, I know that but how are you supposed to get a procurement person or someone in finance to give a monkeys about a data-sheet. Engineers-to-engineers love it but we’re a visual species, we love looking at pictures and animations of things. That’s why…drum roll please

TB: You want a drum roll?

CS: Yes please.

TB: How do you spell out a drum roll?

CS: grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrg

TB: That’s more like a bear growling.

CS: brbrbbrbrbrbrbrbbrbrbbrbrbbrbbrbr

TB: That’ll do…brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb.

CS: especially when 30% of the human brain is devoted to the visual cortex!

TB: Nice…you remembered. I’ll fire them off to the Find Out More page here.

Marketing for advanced engineering firms

Marketing for advanced engineering firms

CS: I read it on the website last night. Did you make it up?

TB: No, it’s true, at least that’s what doctors say.

CS: And we’re happy to go along with that?

TB: I think so, data-sheets is one thing but I wouldn’t want to walk into a brain surgeons and start suggesting I know more about the brain then they do – even though I probably do.

CS: You don’t.

TB: Don’t I?

CS: Anyway, so we’re visual creatures and when it comes to making people sit and pay attention, videos and super cool looking images make people stop and pay more attention. Great too when it comes to marketing at exhibitions…

TB: Yes, very true. Last years advanced engineering exhibition had a few more videos than the year before but loads didn’t.

CS: And the ones with the videos and smart looking stands were the ones that people stopped at and talked to the reps…when they were there.

TB: Should we say that.

CS: Well I’ve said it now.

TB: I know but I could delete it.

CS: Well it’s true.

TB: OK, but that’s on you. So, the upshot of all this is what exactly, I’ve forgotten what we’re talking about.

CS: Video and imagery being important to get more leads, sell ideas and convert more customers.

TB: You have been reading the site haven’t you. We didn’t mention the research bit I did about B2B buying groups.

CS: Do people want to hear that, sounds pretty boring.

TB: I know but it took ages to find stuff on it.

CS: Go on then, quickly though, I can feel we’re losing them.

TB: Buying groups have an average of 5 people in them now, most being from non-engineering backgrounds and videos/images can help align them to buy quicker. Oh and twice as many sales fail with B2B buying groups as when you sell to an individual – that was it.

CS: Riveting.

TB: Thanks.

CS: Who’s saying goodbye?

TB: Shall we do it together.

CS: Does it need two of us?

TB: OK, you do it

CS: Bye…

TB: 099creative – this is our boiler plate  by the way. We make cool videos and images for companies who have smart ideas and want to do more business and hopefully help change the world.

CS: Cool. Can I get back to work now…

TB: I knew you didn’t think was really work, I’m telling you people will read this, it’s better than a boring old stat this stat that blog, anyway, what do you know about marketing, you’re the pink and fluffy department.